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What is Compounding?

Our PCCA certified Compounding Labs produce custom compounds for you on-site so you don’t have to travel out of town or wait for another pharmacy to have it delivered.


Medical Resources

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Pain Management

Approximately 1 in 5 Canadians suffer from chronic pain. While pain is a very subjective experience and differs from one person to another, everyone agrees that pain is not a welcomed guest in their daily life, making pain management an important component of a healthy life.

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Vitamins and Natural Products

No matter your age, your body needs vitamins and minerals to ensure all your vital functions. You will most likely meet your daily requirements by eating a healthy diet, but sometimes, a little boost doesn’t hurt. Read our tips to get all the nutrients you need!

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Cold and Flu

While the common cold and flu are both viral infections with similar symptoms, the flu is a much more serious illness. Discover our tips to recognize, prevent and manage cold and flu symptoms and learn more about your best weapon against the flu: vaccination.

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