On-site Compounding

What is Compounding?

Compounding is the art and science of creating personalized medicine. It all starts with a problem: the child who can’t swallow pills, the patient with a gluten allergy, the much-needed drug that’s in short supply. For whatever reason, many people aren’t served by mass-produced medications. A compounding pharmacy is able to deliver a solution by providing special flavorings, unique dosage forms and innovative delivery methods. By using these tools, compounding pharmacies work with prescribers to fill a gap in health care through customized solutions for specific patient needs.

Compounding is a great option to explore for people who:

• Have allergies to common mass-produced medicine fillers (casein, gluten, dyes, etc.)
• Aren’t taking medication as prescribed due to unpleasant side effects or lack of improvement
• Need custom medicine strengths and dosage forms (like creams or suppositories)

For patients, compounding can be life-changing, even lifesaving. It’s also highly rewarding for compounding pharmacists and practitioners, helping them solve some of health care’s toughest challenges. * Source www.PCCARX.com

Our PCCA Non-sterile Compounding Labs, and certified technicians can prepare many custom prescriptions and compounds including:
•Transdermal creams and gels
•Topical creams and ointments
•Solutions, emulsions and suspensions
•Capsules and tablets
•Sublingual formulations
•Lip balms
•Lozenges and troches
•Dental and veterinary formulations
•Pediatric care

About our PCCA Certification

Our commitment to compounding and providing Orangeville’s only on-site compounding pharmacy is further supported by our membership in the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA). The PCCA gives us to access the latest technologies and the most recent compounding formulations to ensure that your custom prescriptions are safe and effective. For more information on PCCA read more about it here.